Delphi scalper - Forex scalping system

Delphi scalper – Forex scalping system

How to make money trading ?

As my regular readers know, I make a good living scalping the market. My main instrument has always been the Dax, but in recent months I have added the Euro and GBP to scalping methods. My method is somewhat intuitive and although I have written several blog posts and articles about it, it is not easy to explain.

That is why I am pleased that Jason Fielder has put together an easy to understand and easy to use system.  Here below is the overview. You can click here ==> Delphi Scalping Webinar to see the webinar.

Grab 10 – 30 Pips With Precision Accuracy!

Much like the all-knowing, all-seeing oracle from Greek mythology, this “Delphi” is able to predict rapid moves in the Forex market with insanely-high accuracy, while always protecting the downside. Just wait for the “4 Pillars” to align, then pull the trigger, grab your pips and exit like a seasoned trading professional. It’s easy when Delphi is leading you each and every step of the way!
Crystal-Clear Entries, Exit and Stop Losses

Delphi gives you EXACT entries and exits as well as pre-set stop losses on every trade you take, allowing every Delphi owner to take the exact same high probability trades we take. Literally, if you can read red and green arrows and learn a few simple rules, you can learn to scalp with Delphi in a matter of minutes. GONE is the subjectivity and second guessing that is the #1 reason most traders fail!
“Opportunity Windows” Tell You When To Trade

When you’re scalping, there are good times to trade and there are BAD times to trade. We’ve already figured out the most profitable trading times, so all you need to do is wait for for the proprietary blue “Opportunity Window” to appear and you’ll know it’s safe to pull the trigger! No more questions…no second-guessing…if you’re inside the blue “window”, you have a License To Scalp!
Select Your Mode: EASY or ADVANCED?

When we say Delphi is built for both beginner and advanced traders, we mean it! In fact, we actually let you select whether you want to trade in an “EASY” mode or an “ADVANCED” mode. The ADVANCED mode offers increased precision and customization, and the EASY mode removes 100% of the subjectivity and tells you EXACTLY how to trade.

Delphi Scalping Webinar

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