Scalping the Euro


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Scalping the Euro

I have now published the first in a series of videos showing exactly how I scalp the Euro to make on average 40 pips a day, with very low risk and minimal time exposure to the market.

These videos contain the exact methods I use everyday, there is no fluff and no bull, simply what I do and what you can do to make consistent profits scalping.

You may have read some of the other scalping posts here and found them difficult to execute, in these videos I give the full breakdown.

The first video is a 16 minute video on how to trade a consolidation breakout system using tiny 2-3 pip stops, further videos will follow, until You can scalp in the same way.

I have decided to charge a one time fee of $59.99 for this section as I know that when someone pays, their attention is far greater, so to get these videos You will have to subscribe to level 2. When You go to the video you will have to enter details and subscribe.

I will be happy to answer personal questions you may have by email or Skype, so this fee will give you (limited) access to individual consultancy. For this I usually charge $250 an hour, but will give you some free time.

To get the video go to ==> Scalping the Euro Forex Strategies

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