Scalping the Euro 1 minute ranges

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I've added this video about range scalping the Euro on the 1 minute charts to the membership area. If you are a paying member you will have immediate access. If not you can click the link and become a member to see the videos already in place and all future additions. This is another one of the Forex strategies I use to achieve a consistent 40 pips a day account.

I have just spoken to a trader who has been using these scalping mehods for just over a week and is doing very well. He has also changed his broker to  LMAX, whose Euro/USD spreads can be as low as zero and the commissions are very low. With LMAX you can trade small positions from $1 per pip which means that you can practice these scalping methods without having the heart racing feeling of trading big lots. Once you become consistent, you can up the size gradually maintaing your strike rate without breaking the rules.

==> New Scalping the Euro video here <==

==> To find out more about LMAX click here <==


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