Camarilla Equation

Camarilla Equation from have upgraded their stock/forex trading Camarilla Equation calculator to use the existing ultra-volatility in the international stock exchanges. Traders everywhere have used SFT's Camarilla system for more than a decade to win massive profits from the Dow Jones, the FTSE and every main market worldwide utilizing the Cam levels that foretell where a market will turn throughout the day. As Andy Faroli, Head In-house Trader at SureFireThing says, "Trader Jack explained it very smoothly over ten years ago. If you do not know where the SR levels are, you want to steer for the exits.

If you don't know where the exits are, you shouldn't be dealing in stocks and shares". Many traders use easy trader's pivots to attempt to guess where the markets will turn during the session, but none of them come anywhere close to the quality of the 8 Camarilla levels which are created using a principle discovered by assessing Market Profile info. Unlike any other trading systems such as Turtle trading, the Camarilla Equation pinpoints with fantastic accuracy the most significant levels for the approaching session, allowing daytraders the figure out a trading strategy with unerring ease. If you know where the high of the day will be, and the low as well, how are you able to lose? Andy Faroli had this to say - "The most phenomenal thing about the Camarilla Equation is that it can also give you a much better understanding of where you need to put your stop loss positions.

In fact, any person can get into the market successfully. Getting out is harder, because that is where you make the profit". You can try the Camarilla Equations whether you deal in stocks, Forex, or spread bet. It even works alongside options contracts and futures. You can signup at




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