ETech Money Trader Tools Uncover Broker Price Shading Leveling The Field For Foreign Exchange Traders

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ETech Money, Incorporated. (etechmoney) has released a  box of next-generation tools,  totally transparent software tools that empower traders to track price shading by individual brokers internationally. Traders and investors have long known the chances are stacked against them, particularly when trading in the decentralized "Wild West" CURRENCY EXCHANGE market-place. With no established "real" costs, brokers have enjoyed an unfair advantage over their traders, regularly changing prices down or up when required, without their traders ' information. Retail traders had no way to understand if their broker was pushing price against them or artificially triggering stop losses -- till now. "eTech Money's "Trader Panel" software addresses this issue head on, with original tools like "Broker Watch," that aggregates brokers ' price and spread info, instantly comparing this data to live worldwide price and spread averages.


This right away flags any price management such as shading or "stop loss hunting," explained Joe Puentes, eTech Cash Founder and Managing Director. Traders who take advantage of these powerful new tools will speedily know if their broker is using artificially higher spreads or costs out of line with the world wide average. "Empowering regular traders with the power to monitor and evaluate market actions by their brokers creates a rather more level playing field," added Founder and COO Angel Garcia, "This gives traders bigger control of their risks and greater chances to realize above average returns." "Broker Watch" is just one of several patent-pending tools in eTech Money's first-generation "Trader Panel" box of tools. As an example, "Market Alerts" and "News Watch" inform traders of market conditions and key fiscal news headlines at once on their desktops, cellphone or by live SMS stream. "This creates new marketplace baselines for transparency and automated fraud control, defending the little trader and investor," added CIO Michael Mansfield.

A previously top rated Commodity Trading Consultant, Mansfield's has additionally been ranked in the top 1-10% internationally for risk-adjusted returns as a Forex money manager. Mansfield managed brokerages and trained top traders for money chiefs, banks & trading firms. The eTech Money "Trader Panel" beta tools are available freely for the trading community at etechmoney The patent outstanding Trader Panel and its tools have been designed to protect the traders' interests and fill the great void in the investment community. The company is open to deliberating methods to expand the program, including private branding, distribution and other licensing, or partnering opportunities . This release contains "forward-looking statements" based mostly on current expectations but involving known and unknown hazards and doubts that would cause actual events or results to differ significantly from the events or results described in the forward-looking statements, whether due to new information, future events or alternatively. The Company's plans and aims are based mostly on guesses involving judgments regarding future economic, competitive and market conditions, its ability to consummate, and the timing of, acquisitions and future business calls, all of which are tough or very unlikely to foretell accurately and lots of which are beyond the Firm's control.

Therefore, there may be no guarantee that any forward-looking statement will end up being accurate. The Company makes no undertaking to update such forward-looking statements. For Detailed Information : Data (at) etechmoney (dot) com 12550 Biscayne Blvd, Suite 800 North Miami, FL 33181 786-431-2934 ETech Money, Inc. etechmoney Join us on the Founders Wall founderswall press release .




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