Spread Betting

Spread Betting is not available in the US. (However, most of the traded instruments are available from regular brokers too).

I have been using a number of spread firms for over 10 years now, as far as I'm concerned there is little difference between then and regular brokers. Of course, the main advantage is that winnings from spread betting are tax free, whereas CFDs and regular broker earnings are taxed (assuming you are making a profit).

I have 7 spread betting accounts now, the main reason being that not all of them have all instruments, some have better spreads, some are better for fast and furious (scalping) trading and some have better rollover fees, so better for longer term trades. Most spread betting firms are regulated by the FSA (fwiw), so in that sense they are as safe as any broking firm (and some of these have gone to the wall in recent years).

I always keep the amount I need for my trades + the stops in the account and withdraw the rest as soon as there is surplus. It's not that I don't trust the firms, it's that I trust them to do what is good for them in times of difficulty. So why risk? Only leave what you need to trade. When opening an account most give you some kind of deposit dependent bonus, so it's often useful to meet that criterion. Using LMAX. (CFDs)

Many CFD providers have a high commission. But not CMC Markets, they're committed to driving down the costs of CFD trading.


That brings me to LS Trader. This is a Spread betting advisory service which has been making consistent profits over the last few years.

The system has a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 125.61% over the last 4 years of real results and a 186.48% CAGR in back testing for the 24 years prior to 2007. In addition, the system has been tested by a number of independent websites who have given it the thumbs up. These guys also made 1504.1% profit in 2008 which was proofed by these independent websites!

  •  The system is FREE to try and there is NO PayPal or Credit Card confirmation required - just an email address.
  • The system has made over 150% profit per year on average over the last few years.
  • The system is long term and you will make money constantly.
  • The system will take you just 15 minutes to 60 minutes per week to manage.
  • The system is explained in the member's area.

The system is a purely technical spread betting system and is based on proprietary professional trading concepts that have stood the test of time. These are the same strategies that are used by the world’s most successful hedge fund and money managers to achieve outstanding performance and consistently high returns.

These key strategies include:

1. Identifying and following trends so that we can profit from the strongest trending markets.

2. Letting winning trades run so that we can capture the maximum profits possible from the big winning trades.

So I am in, makes no sense to stay out, particularly as you have 30 days to test drive it.

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