Happy Scalping, Happy holidays

Just a quick holidays message in video form.

Wishing You a great 2012, Happy Scalping and Happy days.


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Santa Claus Rally?

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Ti’s that time of the year again, the first halfhearted snow is falling in London, and the shops are still empty, trying to attract custom with all sorts of deals. The unseasonal hot weather has been blamed and winter clothes are selling at a discount. No proper sales on yet, it’s

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Megabreaker EA live trade video

The video below shows the Megabreaker EA in action, or as I use it.

Note that I trade on LMAX so my prices may be different to the MT4 chart (usually a fraction ahead).  LMAX spreads on the Euro can go as low as zero.  See that I made 6 pips on half the position

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Scalping the Euro 1 minute ranges

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Forex Strategies

I’ve added this video about range scalping the Euro on the 1 minute charts to the membership area. If you are a paying member you will have immediate access. If not you can click the link and become a member to see the videos already in place and

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Forex Srategies – Scalping

Forex Srategies – Scalping Of all my Forex Strategies, scalping is the one I enjoy most and consider the least risky. You must bear in mind that not all brokers are happy with scalpers, particularly if you consistentenly make money, and are trading big. So, the first thing you need to ascertain is whether your

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