Optionbit Reviews – Binary Options Trading

Optionbit is an esteemed binary options trading platform, offering investors a premium innovative service amongst its competitors. The site itself is easy to navigate and very clearly presented in the most user-friendly way to suit even the newest of traders, with straight-forward explanations and instructions throughout. In addition to its easy-to-use, fun and attractive layout, Optionbit is one of the most technologically advanced platforms in its field as it offers the largest range of trading tools and features for investors to aid them in a revolutionary way when trading.

At Optionbit investors are given the opportunity to become masters of their own making, whilst utilizing the unique trading tools such as ‘Touch Trading’ and ‘Range Trading’. In addition to the traditional Above/Below (high or low) method of trading these unique additions give traders even more leverage in making predictions. For example, the touch trading option enables traders to broaden their choices by predicting whether the price will so much as touch a predetermined line by the time of expiry (i.e. whether it will touch the 2.48 mark) and the Range Trading option allows traders to predict whether the asset will expire within a particular range of prices (i.e. traders can predict that they believe the asset will expire between the ranges between 1.00-1.30), again broadening their scope and allowing opportunity for intuitive decision making.

Optionbit has truly proven itself as an innovator in the trading of Binary Options. Among its many advancements and novel features(as mentioned above), Optionbit also offers the highest pay-out offered in Binary Option Trading. Traders can make up to 81% profit on hourly expirations, a mark above the typical 70-75% that you see offered elsewhere. This is surely the icing on the cake for traders exploring choices of trading platform options. Opening an account is free, and you will feel well looked after with Optionbit’s helpful and professional Live Chat Service and Call Centre Support Team.

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