Scalping Forex and market volatility

Volatile markets, swing and posistion trades are difficult, so revert to forex scalping and index scalping

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Forex Income Map preview

This is a preview of my traded using Piet Swart’s Forex income map, in particular the free pipkey ea system

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Where now Mr Market

Mr Market has been a stranger to me in the last few weeks, this one sided up move has not been easy to trade.

Unless you are a perma bull this market has been tough to trade of late, or maybe it’s just me with my skewed view of the markets. I find it hard

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Happy Scalping, Happy holidays

Just a quick holidays message in video form.

Wishing You a great 2012, Happy Scalping and Happy days.


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Santa Claus Rally?

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Ti’s that time of the year again, the first halfhearted snow is falling in London, and the shops are still empty, trying to attract custom with all sorts of deals. The unseasonal hot weather has been blamed and winter clothes are selling at a discount. No proper sales on yet, it’s

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